Food Freedom University

A 12-week mastermind intensive to help you ditch the diet, overcome binge eating, heal your relationship with food, love your body, eat with ease, feel confident, strong, and finally live the life you deserve!


Imagine if you could...

  • Never "diet" again
  • Think about things other then food
  • Learn to navigate cravings in a healthy way
  • Stop standing in front of the fridge looking for answers
  • Avoid and eliminate binging
  • Remove "I'll start Monday" from your vocabulary
  • Wear a bikini without feeling anxious
  • Stop worrying about "losing control" 
  • No longer obsess over a number on the scale (or let it determine your mood/worth)
  • Be free from rules
  • Gain strength & burn fat
  • Finally feel comfortable in your own skin (and nakey!)

"Food itself is usually not the problem at all - it's just the symptom." - Mel Wells

Hey, I'm Jess and I created this University for YOU!

    Why? Because I was there too, I know you; girl, I am you! After nearly a decade struggling with (and hiding behind) an eating disorder, I was exhausted, depressed, depleted, and crazy unhappy. So, I finally decided to make a change and ask for the professional help I needed. For the last 12 years I have dedicated my life to learning, growing, and sharing the exact tools and methods that led me to finding food freedom. Babe, let me just are NOT alone!

    I've worked in the fitness industry my entire life. From coaching gymnastics to personal training/bootcamps, and hosting teen girls empowerment groups. Founding FITtrips and hosting international retreats while being a physical education teacher; I've done it all!

    I studied Physical Therapy at The University of Rhode Island, competed in multiple fitness "bodybuilding" competitions, and was a finalist for Reebok & Well + Good 2017 "America's Most Inspiring Trainer" search. I've written for, worked with, and shot with some of the most well known health/wellness magazines.

    After 8 years teaching elementary physical education/health I quit my job to pursue life as a full time coach and fitness entrepreneur. My passion is teaching, sharing my experiences, offering the tools, and watching women grow into the best version of themselves! Food Freedom University is the first of many courses to come.


Food Freedom University

Flex Your Mindset

Begin peeling away the layers, uncover "your why" and how your relationship with food really looks, set smart goals, implement daily mindset practices, journaling, an attitude of gratitude, and create a morning routine that best suits your lifestyle & sets you up for success

Nutrition Ninja

Deep dive into counting calories/macros, understanding how to read food labels, discuss pros/cons of all the most common fad diets, learn to not only beat, but understand cravings, master meal prepping, and dominate social situations with ease

Fit To Transform

Create progress tracking to help hold you accountable while staying motivated, explore the various types of cardio, intro to weight lifting (proper weight, sore verse injury), explore recovery methods, sleep, learn how to build a program to fit your specific goals




  • Goal setting, forgiveness, gratitude, morning routine

  • Mindfulness, eating with intention, starving distractions

  • Metabolism, counting macros/calories, reading food labels, fad diets 

  • How to deal with cravings, eating out, food prepping, grocery shopping

  • Best pre/post-workout foods, snacking, common myths

  • Tracking progress, weight training, cardio, building muscle/burning fat

  • How sore is too sore, rest days, importance of sleep

Don't crave food, crave freedom!


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"Jess was the first trainer I ever had and she helped me lose my first 30+ inches! If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be where I am today because I never had the courage to work out by myself or the confidence to believe that it would actually work."


Where has this been my whole life? I am so ready for food freedom!

FFU is the specific blueprint you need. It will not only give you the necessary tools for finding food freedom, but it will teach you exactly how to implement them into your lifestyle. The solution is right here. There is no better time. Give yourself this gift because you deserve freedom!


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